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As I’m typing this my family and I are on the road driving from Los Angeles and heading back East. We had been living in LA for 2.5 years and I loved LA but in December of 2022 my nephew passed away in a tragic car accident and it's something about losing a loved one that will make you rethink your whole life.

The more my husband and I began to ask God for clarity in the move closer to our family the more hell started breaking loose around us. That was the clarity we needed. 

With no sure plan of where God wanted us to go, we started praying and narrowing places down. We started decluttering and packing by faith. 

The funny thing is this season has reminded me of the Bible in Genesis 12:1 when God said to Abram, “Leave your native country and go to the land that I will show you. No clear plan on what’s next-just GO and I will show you as you take steps of faith. This summer I will be sharing this journey with you.

It’s easy to show up when you have all the answers but it takes humility and vulnerability to show up and share in the middle of your journey when you don’t have all the answers. And I seriously don’t have the answers… we are taking everything step by step and day by day.

I’m showing  up in the middle because I want you to know that you can do it! Whatever God has called you to do- you don’t need to have all the answers to follow him…all he needs is your yes.

Stay tuned…🌻


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