In 2020 my world shifted not only due to the pandemic but I was navigating post grad life and the uncertainty of a pandemic. I had just gotten my undergraduate degree in Entertainment Industry Studies and with no job. For much of my life I always struggled with not knowing what I was good at. In April 2020 I celebrated my birthday with my grandma for the last time. She suddenly passed away not too long after. As I was dealing with grief and the intense process of finding a job I had to take a step back.

In the summer of 2020 here on Earth. Did I really want to do that past pace job that would be a nice Instagram post but leave me empty? I made room for God to speak which meant many late nights journaling and praying for what His calling on my life was. I dove in and started looking at going to graduate school for social work. Ever since middle school I dreamed of using my struggles to help others, I wanted to use my pain for a purpose. Being a part of a helping profession has always been floating around my mind but I never thought I was qualified.

One of the things I love about God is that he doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. I want to be clear that this journey was hard because not everyone in my life understood the timing or the way behind it. This challenged me to see if I was going to listen to others or was I going to listen to my Heavenly Father. Having wise counsel is important and God mentions it in the Bible but I couldn’t deny the fire that was rising up inside of me. After much prayer and sacrifice I ended up getting into all the schools that I applied to. That could only be God because I didn’t think it was possible with my qualifications. Going into this next chapter of life is a huge leap of faith because I’m not playing small. I’m letting God’s strength be perfect in my weakness and that is uncomfortable. As I am learning that God can’t do all that he desires for my life in the comfort zone. We may feel small but we serve a Almighty God!

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